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Faces Canada Hydro Toner

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouThis gentle and soothing toner hydrates the skin keeping it perfectly clean & soft. It tones the skin and defines pores for a clearer complexion.

Faces Canada Rise N Shine! Skin Awakening Clay Mask 01

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFaces Canada introduces its new launch : Rise N Shine! Skin Awakening Clay Mask .The unique formulation gives flawless fresh looking skin and supports in skin breathing and reducing fatigue.1. Reduces Pigmentation The Clay Mask Is specially formulated to reduce pigments on your skin and give you a super natural look on your face. Get a clear skin that you always dream of!!2. Healthy Glow Feel the natural Glow on your face post application. It’s is infused with natural ingredients that gives you instant glow!!

Faces Canada Urban Balance Charcoal Peel Off Mask

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFORMULATED IN CANADA' Faces Urban Balance Charcoal Peel Off Mask takes care of all the brunt that your face goes through.The activated charcoal combats impurities like toxins, chemicals and dirt to give you smooth and spotless skin.Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with moringa oil and amla as they slow down the ageing process.The turmeric extract soothes your skin with its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.It protects your skin against acne, pigmentation, making it the perfect detoxifying facial.

Faces Canada Urban Balance 6 in 1 Skin Miracle Facial Oil

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFORMULATED IN CANADA' Faces Urban Balance 6 in 1 skin Miracle Facial Oil is a magical blend of handpicked essential oils like Moringa, Sunflower Seed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba Seed, Grape Seed and Hemp Seed oils.This makes it the perfect comfort blanket for your skin- it soothes and hydrates your skin, taking all signs of ageing away with it.It gives your skin the kick start that it needs when it is stressed and fatigued, restoring a natural glow.When it is done, it also doubles up as the perfect primer for make-up.

Faces Canada Urban Balance Skin Comfort Serum

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFORMULATED IN CANADA' Faces Urban Balance Skin Comfort Serum hydrates your skin from the ground up. The 'Moringa Oil' keeps your skin protected from harmful effects of pollution. Its natural ingredients remove dryness, giving your skin a soft, supple and smooth feel. It is the complete skin food.

Faces Canada Urban Balance Youth Preserve Night Cream

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFORMULATED IN CANADA' Faces Urban Balance Youth preserve Night Cream is a soothing and nourishing lullaby for your skin. It gets to work while you sleep, moisturizing your skin with ‘Moringa Extract’ and reducing the signs of ageing. The energising and anti-oxidant properties of ‘Okra’ repair and build skin cells, further reducing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin with a natural glow.

Faces Canada Urban Balance Pollution Defense Day Cream

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouFORMULATED IN CANADA' Faces Urban Balance Pollution Defense Day Cream is your all-day UV filter.Your daily activities become less stressful for your skin, as the ‘Moringa Oil’ stands guard against the pollution.It is an everyday skin companion as its rich nutrients, natural herbs and oils penetrate deeply and moisturize from the ground up.What’s more? The anti-oxidant properties of ‘Okra’ improve the skin tone and stop ageing in its track with an added glow.

Faces Canada Hydro Makeup Remover

#BeautifulBeginsWithYouThis gentle, water based formula works quickly and gently removes face and other makeup. It is an excellent antioxidant agent which prevents skin from free radicals & improves tone to give you a perfectly cleansed & rejuvenated face.